Collaborations with LIZ


Liz collaborates on most of my commission work. Her skills are refined and reflect realism. When I work with her I have a feeling of living in England and painting in a floral garden. 

claire forest.jpg- nancimiranda

Oil on canvas

My client had me create this piece to signify her dance career

Oil on canvas created for my client to remember a special moment with her grandchildren

...Nanci created an incredible painting of me with my three grand daughters. Nanci captured the personality of my girls and the beauty of our country home with us walking down our shaded laneway. It hangs in our living room and makes my heart melt every time I sit and stare at it! - Julie W

lola painting_edited.jpg

When I collaborate with Liz on pet portraits she is able to capture the love in their hearts through their eyes. 

"Octavia" commissioned to capture the youth of my client's daughter, now a teen

Oil on canvas

Yellows on Lee Avenue - Nanci Miranda
Print Purple Tulips - nanci miranda

Liz's floral collection although abstract give a feeling that these gardens have emotion of their own.