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My Story

Nanci Miranda through glass

My Journey as an artist has been a facinting one. Some might even perecive it as impossible.

At the age of 50, I became chronically ill from excessive caregiving. Unable to walk even a short distance without having to fall fast asleep to recover my energy. This lasted for almost a year of my life. During the summer of this difficult time, I spent 2 months laying in my backyard on a lawn chair recuperating. One day as I lay there, I felt I had reached my limit of coping with this energy drain. I called out to life, "Enough I can't take this anymore. I want my life back!" In an instant my vision changed. I could now see in 3D. Colours were more dynamic and everything in front of me had enhanced demension. Never having touced a sketch pencil or paint brush in my life, I felt I could draw the view in front of me. I grabbed my daughters yellow school pencil and a lined paper, the only drawing tools in the house. I drew what I had been staring at over the summer. A set of stairs from my deck and a bicycle. The sketch seen below had perspective and shading, which I had previously known nothing about.

This initial experience allowed me to question if I could now paint, as I was being drawn to attempt this new skill. My first portrait was of my daughter when she was a baby. (shown below). It became clear to me that this gift was much more than I had imagined. Over the next couple of months  I started to notice that information was being guided through me. Which brush, medium or colour to choose. And the more I opened my awareness to it, I began to feel like I was different people creating on canvas. This lead to a year long meditation practice, where I would allow myself to enter Theta and begin creating.  Within a short time my Spirit Artists showed themselves to me through internal visions. There are 6 different induvials that create with me. Jack, Ella, The Shaman, Liz, Gregory and Josef. All with completely different talents and personalities. They each oporate thrugh my Chakras. They have allowed me to paint their portraits, which are shown on their pages along with the paintings I collaborated with them to create. The decade long journey that has followed has allowed me to trust this gift whole heartedly and to respect the form in which it flows through me.   












My goal with this gift is to share it with others to bring joy to their lives and to show them that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE, if they just believe.

I am also a Reiki Master who offers healing treatments. If you have a health or life issue that feels out of balance, please connect with me through my website



first sketch nancimiranda

Initial drawing that started my jouney

maddy baby portrait_nancimiranda.jpg

1st portrait ever painted 


"Each piece I purchased from Nanci has awakened me to notice every detail as a reflection of my life lived. They are a great addition in my home and the vibrations that rise are nourishing me always. Nanci is an incredible intuitive harmonious artist. Her art captures real life in the moment.
I invite you to find yourself in her creations. They are one of a kind."

M. E. Cassey

Emotons Above The Surface_nancimiranda.jpg
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