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Liz is a British woman of colour in her 50's. Very refined and beautiful. She works with me to create my commissions and paintings in realism. Each brush stroke when working with her is a lesson in traditional technique. 


Thank you for dropping by my website. I'm excited to sit down together on Zoom or in person and discuss your options to bring your one of a kind commission to life! The sky is the limit. Any idea, any size is possible. All quotes reflect the specifications you bring to the project.

We take hundreds of photos and store them on our phone, trying to capture an emotion we've felt at one time. And then we rarely look back on them. Why not share that special moment with your family and friends, through an original painting. You can also commission a piece based from your imagination, that we can collaborate on together to achieve the feeling you want to have expressed. I will create a keepsake that you can hang in your home or give as a gift to a loved one. A precious piece that will fill you with joy each time you view it.

Collaborations with Liz

Connect with me to discuss the creation of your
Moments in Time Commission

maddy_nancimiranda 1.jpg

Portrait in greys

Oil on canvas

Jon & Jack 2023.jpg

Commission created for anniversary gift

Acrylic on canvas

Summer Berries-nancimiranda.jpg
Summer Berries

Acrylic on canvas


claire forest- nancimiranda.jpg

Commission created for dancer to celebrate her career

Oil on canvas


Commission created for Grandparents

Oil on canvas


Pet Portrait Commission created to celebrate a clients best friend

Acrylic on canvas

cat portrait_nancimiranda.jpg

Pet Portrait Commission 

to honour a passing of a beloved pet

Acrylic on canvas



12" x 36"  Acrylic on Canvas


Recently shown at
Headwaters Gallery
wildflowers sofa.jpg
rose painting by nanci miranda.jpg

Commission created for a client for her master bedroom



Purchase An Existing Piece 
To Create Your Own Unique Commission

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