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Nanci Miranda Artist 
Bringing emotion to life on canvas

Nanci Miranda
Bringing Emotion

to Canvas

Unique Paintings For Your Home

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Artist collaborates with
Spirit Guides

Nanci Miranda is an extraordinary intuitive Artist whose creative journey is intertwined with the ethereal realm. Her artistic process is not merely a skill, but a collaboration guided by her trusted spirit companions, who instruct through her gift of mediumship. Over the last decade she has built a trust and symbolic language to clearly communicate with these talented energies. 

Over a decade ago, Nanci sensed a unique connection to the spiritual world, which would eventually become a cornerstone of her artistic identity. It began through the healing of a physical illness caused by exhaustion  through caregiving. Before this artistic channel opened, she had never painted or drawn in her life. It has been a rewarding journey to learn to trust and respect the messages that come through to be transported onto the canvas. 

Nanci's work is an awe-inspiring tapestry of dynamic colors & textures  that flow from her heart and soul. Through her brushes and canvases, she translates the wisdom, messages, and emotions shared by her spirit guides into tangible works

Her artistic process is unlike any other, as it begins with a spiritual connection that channels the energy and wisdom of her spirit guides. These ethereal companions serve as her muse, guiding her hand to create art that resonates with the unseen and the unspoken. Each stroke of her brush  becomes an expression of emotion; deeply affecting its viewer. 



Gallery of Paintings

Nanci Miranda

Emotions Colapsing
Time & Light_nancimiranda
Intention - nanci miranda
The traveler_nancimiranda
The music of Thought_nancimiranda
waiting for school to end- nancimiranda
claire forest
english plums-nancimiranda
The Dreamer _nancimiranda
Blue King - nanci miranda
Fundamentals Crayons _ nancimiranda
Dawn of Imagination_nancimiranda
Emotions Flow_nancimiranda
yellows new-nancimiranda
The Swimmer_nancimiranda
Lucy pet commision_nancimiranda
Pet commission- nancimiranda
Summer Berries-nancimiranda
Kiya - nanci miranda
Rose Commssion _ nancimiranda
Portrait commision_nancimiranda 1
Emotions Above the Surface_nancimiranda_edited
afternoon walk commission- nanci miranda
Change in the Weather - nancimiranda
Reflections in Orange _ nancimiranda


Purchase An Existing Piece 
To Create Your Own Unique Commission

"We are fortunate to own two of Nanci Miranda originals, and we absolutely love them! Nanci's paintings are full of soul and meaning. The two we purchased are rich in coulour and tell a story through shapes and landscapes; we connect to them both so deeply. Beyond her beatuful work, Nanci is a truly wonderful person, and the whole process

from choosing the works to delivery was seamless."

Melissa D

Landscape Painting by Nanci MirandaPerspective is Everything - nanci mirand
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