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I'm excited to sit down together on Zoom and discuss your option to bring your one of a kind commission to life! The sky is the limit. Any idea, any size is possible. All quotes reflect the specifications you bring to the project. 

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pearl & Jimmy.jpg

Pearl and Jimmy

Oil on canvas board 11" x 14"

...When my dear friend Pearl showed me a b&w photo of herself and her beloved horse Jimmy, from the 1940s, I wanted to memorialize that moment in time for her in a special way. 

I immediately thought of Nanci.  I just knew she would capture the emotions, nostalgia and depth of the relationship between this young prairie woman and her horse.


The painting arrived safely, carefully wrapped for its journey from Ontario to the west coast.  I was simply thrilled and awestruck by the painting.  It was exactly as I expected and more.  The painting  was glowing with life and vibrancy...pictures cannot do justice against seeing the real thing in person.


Nanci works intuitively and follows her creative instincts.  Her skill with colour blending and brushwork Is beautiful ...combined with her natural eye for composition and perspective,  and her own depth of emotion, she brings a sense of deep spirit and reverence to her work that has a spark of divine essence behind it.  -  Louise Whyte


jimmy and pearl.jpg
toms cottage.JPG

Off the grid Cabin

My client requested that I clean up the exterior & add a stump with his favorite beer!

Connect with me to capture your secret get away on canvas

"Octavia" commissioned to capture the youth of my client's daughter, now a teen

Oil on canvas

Created in memory of a client's oldest and dearest friend

Acrylic on wood

Commissioned to celebrate my clients daughter's Graduation from Grade One

rose.jpg - nanci miranda


Created for my clients decor in her livingroom 


"Intimacy" was created for a ocean front beach house in PEI. Inspired by Sable Horses and the relationship between my client and her late husband. Watercolour graphite on paper.

... "I commissioned Nanci Miranda to do two works of art for me, both were from photographs of dogs. She captured both animals 100% and I will treasure them forever. 

She is now working on a drawing of Sable Island Horses for me which I am really looking forward to seeing.

Once Nanci is given a commission she works in a very timely fashion and updates you as she works. I will certainly have Nanci do other works of art for me in the future. She is a very talented artist." -  Mary C

jon and jesse.jpg

Created as a special piece to celebrate the engagement of a loving couple

Oil on canvas

Oil on canvas created for my client to remembers a special moment with her grandchildren

...Nanci created an incredible painting of me with my three grand daughters. Nanci captured the personality of my girls and the beauty of our country home with us walking down our shaded laneway. It hangs in our living room and makes my heart melt every time I sit and stare at it! - Julie W

Oil on canvas

My client had me create this piece to signify her dance career